Jian-Feng Shi, PEng, SSP 2007

Jian-Feng is a Guidance Navigation and Control Systems Engineer at MDA Space Missions. Jian-Feng is currently working in the International Space Station Mobile Servicing System program. Jian-Feng has over seven years of professional experience in the Aerospace Industry; he has worked on variety of projects including Equipment Condition Monitoring System for CF-18 fighter aircrafts, satellite Flight Dynamics Software, and ISS Plant Research Unit.

Jian-Feng holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University and a Master of Applied Science degree from University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. Jian-Feng is a certified Project Management Professional and a licensed Professional Engineer of Ontario. Jian-Feng is an instructor for the University of Toronto Da-Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program, where he teaches advanced secondary school students in Orbital Mechanics, Space Robotics, and Project Management.

Jian-Feng attended International Space University Space Studies Program 2007 and is the President for the Canadian Alumni for the International Space University. Jian-Feng also serves on the Executive Committee for the Professional Engineers of Ontario Kingsway Chapter as Chairman. Jian-Feng’s personal interest includes down hill skiing, jogging, weight training, TaeKwonDo, and ancient Chinese poetry.