Ruey Chao, MSS 2004

Ruey is a mission systems engineer at MDA Space Missions posted at the Canadian Space Agency. He is involved in the engineering support of operations of the Mobile Servicing System on board the International Space Station. He has previously worked in human factors engineering involving space flight medical hardware and procedures at the Johnson Space Center. He has also worked with business aircraft at Bombardier Aerospace in Arizona.

Ruey completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and went on to complete the MSS program in 2004 in Strasbourg. He worked with the core SSP team at ISU in preparing and developing the course for the 2005 Summer Session Program in Vancouver where he is from.

In his spare time, Ruey enjoys studying the old and new testaments, skiing, camping, scuba diving, and traveling.